Magento CPQ and 3D Product Configurator

Magento is the largest e-commerce platform in the world. The 360 Product Viewer CPQ solution consists of 5 Modules that integrate with Magento. So you have the best of both worlds! We connect the 3D model’s options and textures with your products, product options, and colors and textures. This means that you are in charge! Change products, product options, colors, specs prices, everything how you want it and when you want it.

Connect Magento to your ERP, CRM, or any other software you have running with your products, inventory, prices, whatever. Magento integrates all this information and updates automatically. Orders offers or other price quote requests can be integrated back into your software systems.

Configure Products in 3D

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5 Modules


Product Option Module

This module lets you configure your own products, product options and the relations between them. The pricing structure is handled in this module as well and shows the options on the front side of the Magento site. You have total control over your products, prices, and data, anytime and anywhere.


3D visualization Module

This module is the viewport to show the 3D model in the selected configuration. In the backend, this module connects your site to our server and connects to the right 3D model, color or texture and visual options with your product, option, and configuration that you set in the Option Module.

Colors and Textures Module

To connect the right colors or the right textures to the products and options. This module makes the choices visual. The colors and textures are shown in the frontend of the shop, so the user can select them more easily.


PDF Generator Module

To generate a PDF of the selected options and configuration that the user has made on the website. It also includes the right visual of these choices. This way users have an offline document of their selected product and choices.

API Data Exchange Module

To share your data with other resellers down the supply chain we include the Data Exchange Module. This data exchange includes the options and other variables connected with your products. It is also ready to exchange order information from these resellers to reduce errors.

Free to use

Open Source with Endless options

Magento is Open Source. This means that it is free to use. No expensive software. No License Fees. No User License Fees, No Data Sharing Fees You are free to use your own Magento Stores, Data and 3D content the way you want! We build your Magento store(s), and install your 360 Product Viewer Modules.

Because the 360 Product Viewer CPQ Modules are built on Magento, it automatically becomes your e-Catalogue website or even your e-Commerce webstore. But of course, you can also use it as an internal information system. All options are open, far better compared to most of other CPQ software solutions.

No User License Fees

No Hidden Costs

Want to know more?

360 Product Viewer works on all devices

Even more possibilities
with Magento Marketplace

Magento is constantly evolving. Even if Magento would not offer a solution to your needs and wants, simply go to the Magento  Marketplace and find tens-of-thousands of extensions and modules for free or for a small amount, to install in your Magento Store. Any problem you may have has already been solved by someone else in the world. Take advantage of true Open Source community software.

Built Modules and Extensions to your needs

We also build extensions and modules for you. When it comes to your organization and the way you want to work, we can make the necessary changes so you have the dashboards, information workflows and business information to make your company work better, faster and be more competitive. These are often the small changes that have incredible results!

Multiple Sites,  Languages, and Currencies

Set up more than one store for separate market segments, products, regions or customer groups? All are possible with one and the same Magento installation.

Magento comes standard in all possible languages. So you can work in your preferred language!

Magento supports multiple currencies. With real-time exchange rates, or one you set when you want.

Use Magento as simple E-Catalog or Full E-Commerce solution

Magento is the most versatile Commerce Platform out there. And we can configure Magento exactly as you need for your company. Use it as an internal pricing or quoting system. Make it your e-catalog or your full e-commerce solution. Or even a complete Point-of-Sale solution. The possibilities are endless.

Any Device, desktop to mobile

Magento and the 360 Product Viewer CPQ Modules are web-based. So it works in any browser, on any software, and on any device. Windows, Apple, iOs or Android. If the device has an internet connection, it will run Magento and the 360 Product Viewer.

Your desktop computer is the most obvious. But nowadays you need support for tablets and mobile devices too. Magento and the 360 Product Viewer modules are built to work on all these devices.

Cloud-Based and Web-based so it works anywhere!

Web-based means cloud-based in our case. Your Magento webstore(s) will be hosted in the cloud. So if you have internet access, you can work with Magento and the 360 Product Viewer.

What if your customer is not always online? We simply make a stand-alone version or we make an App! Because the basis is the internet, it is easy to generate a stand-alone version or to build an App from it. You will not have this option with regular software. Then it will become a very costly affair!


There are many factors that influence the purchase decision of your customers. The ability to see what you are going to get is one of the most important in this decision. And that is what the 360 Product Viewer delivers. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is an old principle that refers to the ability to see on screen exactly what will be printed by the printer. It gets a new meaning now.

The 360 Product Viewer is truly a “What You See Is What You Get” solution! If an image can tell it in a thousand words than the 360 product Viewer tells the whole story!

Access restrictions for markets, clients, etc.

Different content for different customers, markets or regions. As soon as the client logs on Magento sees what content is assigned by you. You can set Magento to grant the access to content you want to provide. A really powerful feature to manage you’re your business growth.

Why Magento?

Multiple sites on single platform

Multiple language

Multiple currencies

Responsive on all devices


Access restrictions


Thousands of extentions available

Discount & coupons


The 360 Product Viewer CPQ Solution is also constantly being developed.

The realism of the 3D models is very important to us. We keep on developing in order to take full advantage of the latest hardware and software technology.

In our next release of the visualization module we have integrated a Virtual Reality option. So if you or your customers have VR glasses or simply use their smartphone with a VR Cardbox viewer, you can see all products also in VR-mode!

holo lens

Next on our list is the option to set the Augmented Reality viewer as well. Especially on a tablet, but also on a smartphone, this option will let you set the 3D products right there in the room with you. A great feature to add to the decision process of your customers.

The VR and AR viewport options will be combined in something that is now called Mixed Reality (MR). Think of the Microsoft’s HoloLens, or a VR viewer with a camera on the front to see the virtual digital product overlayed on the reality in front of you. As if they are there in the room with you. Simply pick them up and place them anywhere you like. Ready in our R&D lab and will become available this year.

Designtool: Design your Office

Start up the Designtool and start designing your office by placing multiple 3D models. Or watch the video and see how it works. The image below is the image made in the demo video. But you can make your own, of course!

Want to try for yourself?

Connect your Company

In your organization, there is a lot of data present. It is this data that you would like to and need to use. This is one of the great features of the 360 Product Viewer modules. The modules are integrated into Magento. Magento software for webshops has been developed over the last years to connect to thousands of ERP, CRM solutions. And can also be connected to any other software that your company may use. Even if you have an exotic local software system. As long as we can access the data, we can connect the data!

Any sales quote or any online order can be connected back into your companies CRM or ERP software. So time and money are saved. And think about how error-free content and data will become. This will surely approve your companies margins!

Just by error reduction alone. Many of our 360 Product Viewer CPQ implementations have reached break-even within one year!

Connect your Customers

Why do you want this CPQ software solution? Because you are not the only having these problems. Your own sales have problems keeping track of all options, prices, and possibilities. Then so are your resellers.

That is why we have set up a Reseller Program so the benefits of your CPQ solution become available for all your partners. They can get light, medium or full versions of your system tailored to their needs, so they also have the advantages of better margins and better sales tools to grow their businesses.

Your whole industry is supported, from Manufacturer to Wholesale to Retailers and Dealerships. And because it’s web-based it’s always ready for the end customers and consumers alike.

Connect your Sales

Your data, your products, your product options, your prices are shared all over your business network. And because it is really all your data, the orders placed, where ever in your business network are always correct and error free. They flow back through the same data connections and right back to your internal administration and organization processes. This is how you would imagine business would be in the 21 century. Well it’s here!

Connect your Suppliers

As we can connect forwards, we can also connect backward in the value chain. If your suppliers want to connect to the 360 Product Viewer platform their data simply flows into your systems. It will provide the data for your administration, your product information. That is saving time and money.

Your suppliers are also the people who have all the product data, specifications, configurations and pricing relations. So it’s only logical that they would want to supply you with the correct data. They need this CPQ software solution as much, or even more than you think you need it!

Connect the World

There are many more ways to distribute and share your data or to connect and receive the data your company needs to get and maintain your competitive advantage. The team behind the 360 Product Viewer has all the experience your company needs to identify and develop these possibilities.

Designtool: Design your Sofa

Start up the Designtool and start designing your sofa by placing multiple 3D models. The 3D models know where they should go, and which combinations are possible. Or watch the video and see how it works. The image below is the image made in the demo video. But you can make your own, of course!

Want to try for yourself?

Turn your data into information

All that data flowing back and forth through your organization and even your entire business network is very valuable. Because it is virtual, it is digital, we can measure anything you may want to know. Make full use of data analytics.

What products, which options are viewed or clicked most? And maybe more interesting, least! And what we can measure we can analyze. Business analytics is the fastest and most promising development in business and economics of the last decade. And we are just scratching the surface.

The 360 Product Viewer CPQ platform automatically generates and collects all this data for you. But we can also provide you with an extra data layer, to add data from all sources, internally and externally. Add other data sources to get a better picture of your company, the decisions it takes and the business it is in. Than you can take your data analysis to the next level and separate it to various company needs. Marketing, Financial, Productivity, People, in all these parts of your organization you will have the data to observe, orientate, decide and act accordingly.

The team behind the 360 Product Viewer has all the experience your company needs to identify and develop these  possibilities. We provide the tools to make solid data driven business decisions. To have the business information to facilitate your Observe-Orientate-Decide-Act loops. And build that agile, process driven organization that reacts fast and decisive to the ever changing business landscape.

The 360 Product Viewer solutions, options and features

Select the module that is right for you. Or let us build the entire solution and get the Full Version.

360 Viewer Module AR Viewer Module VR Viewer Module Full Version
3D visualization Module
Shows products in 3D
3D Configurable
Change Colors
Change Textures
Change 3D Shapes
HTML support
CPQ Product Options Module
Colors and Textures Module
PDF Generator Module
API Data Exchange Module
Data Analytics
Reseller Program
Design Tool Stand Alone Optional Optional Optional Optional
Design Tool Cart Connected Optional
Offer Module Optional
MR HoloLens Module Optional
Own Design
Own Implementation
Full Magento Webstore
3D model integration Priced per model Priced per model Priced per model Priced per model
Options Integration Priced per model Priced per model Priced per model Priced per option

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