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Does this sound familiar? Your product lists grow. This makes it increasingly difficult to manage product prices. And to identify upsell opportunities. Or to keep track of competitor prices and the deals being offered by your competition. To these problems, 360CPQ is the solution.

Due to the growing products and options possibilities, your sales department can’t give up-to-date pricing information on products. This increases lost opportunities and slow down the load times for quotations. Configuring a quotation can be a time-consuming task if critical data is not readily available in real time.

The 360 Product Viewer CPQ modules eliminate these problems. Faster sales cycles, accurate pricing data, and upsell and bundle opportunities are automated. And mind that orders can be prepared faster while potential errors are reduced. And moreover, because pricing data is streamlined, the workflow is streamlined, Significant time savings and more sales can be made.



  • Knowledge retention & productivity
  • Sales alignment
  • Reduce the time of your sales cycle
  • Better customer experience


  • Sales Quote Generator
  • Accurate product codes, quotations, and prices
  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales team
  • Improve customer satisfaction

360 CPQ as Sales Quote Generator

At the core of the 360 Product Viewer CPQ software, you can set the product options. This together with the relationship between these options. The rules are managed and set by your company in integrating pricing structures.

This way the quote produced by our tool is based on your companies pricing and configuration policies. These are all done behind the scene in the options and rules engine. The pricing and configuration rules can also consider your customer’s demographic information, regional discounts etcetera. And it can have special prices for different industries that have different configurations and prices. You will understand that the possibilities are endless.

Configure Products in 3D

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360 CPQ as Product Configurator

The 360 Product Viewer CPQ tool is the ultimate visual product configurator, to help automate the process of setting options, combinations, and features that are possible, and how much they will cost.

The 360 Product CPQ modules focus on product configuration. To accurately calculate the price of the configured product, the main challenge is navigating all combinations and relations for different options and configurations.

The product configurator is the ultimate tool to record the customer’s specifications. The 360 Product Viewer CPQ tools become a product configurator, and sales and the customer can see exactly what they are going to get.



  • Product Configurator
  • Visualize your product in any configuration
  • Minimize errors in pricing, quoting, product codes and orders
  • Increase average deal size via cross-selling and up-selling

Want to see yourself?

360 CPQ in Store

The ideal place to use the 360 Product Viewer CPQ software is in retail stores. Now the sales people can show any possible configuration. And have a tool to really start selling. It’s not necessary anymore to explain what option can or can’t be configured with what other option. And the sales quote is always accurate! And because it’s web-based, you can fully integrate e-Tail with Retail. Your sales people can walk around with their tablets and it can also be a cash register in their hands.

And for your consumers: What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). Now all the colors, fabrics, parts are present, visually. Just a mouse click, just a finger swipe away!

chaircreator app

360 CPQ in Office

Also in the office or directly with your customers, your sales can start selling with the 360 Product Viewer CPQ software. No more sheets or catalogs to explain the product. All the products, configurations and prices are present. Just let your customers give you their specifications, needs, and want. And your sales can directly show the results, prices and other options. To show the other options, just click and show!

modulift app

360 CPQ Online

The 360 Product Viewer CPQ software modules are online tools. They can be bundled in an App, but you can also keep it web-based and totally online. Now you can let your customers configure themselves. Let them define their optimal product and configuration. Let them save this as a PDF, or even let them buy online! The knowledge you have put in the 360 CPQ tool to set the right relations and prices of the product options and configurations, let’s your customers play with the configurator themselves. And it is visual, they will see what they will get!

gabor - configurator


  • Quote sharing/sending
  • Product configuration
  • Configuration options
  • Pricing rules
  • Price adjustment
  • Purchase history
  • Renewal management

Do you need 360 CPQ software?

Are your salespeople having trouble gathering up to date information they need to make the correct sales quotes, bundles or upsells? Or is your company having trouble managing thousands of products, product options, product configurations, discounts, and SKUs?

Both are clear indications you need 360 CPQ software to sell and grow.

360 CPQ software becomes a must have to effectively manage to price. It is an automated solution to produce fast and accurate sales quotes. Especially for more complex product ranges crossing industries and borders. For companies that are operating on a global scale. They need to provide quick and accurate pricing data to dozens or even hundreds of salespeople across the globe.

What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software?

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software is a type of sales enabling the software. It focuses on generating quotes and managing product configuration requests. CPQ software can be used by salespeople to determine packages and pricing during negotiations with customers. Or it can power a self-service customer portal (often for eCommerce operations). A CPQ application can be thought of as an automated or guided sales quote generator. Depending on the level of involvement by the salesperson, CPQ software is especially helpful for sales teams that sell customizable products and services. Or for companies that have a complex method to determine prices.

And Configure, Price, Quote, or CPQ software helps companies accurately define the price of goods across a huge and constantly changing spectrum of variables. CPQ software aggregates these variables, which in turn allows companies to configure products or services in the most optimal way. To price them according to costs, competition, and local economic factors. And quote a customer the absolute best price possible in accordance with all of the above factors.



  • Self-service CPQ
  • Guided selling
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Proposals
  • Excel integration
  • CRM Integration
  • PDF Maker

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